One Year Later

Well folks, my one year anniversary of moving to Utah has come and gone. It’s officially been over 365 days since I packed up my little car and left my childhood home.

What on earth have I accomplished in that amount of time? Besides starting a blog about my adventures and then rarely blogging about them…

I got a real job. With real benefits, paid time off, and a 401k. It’s like I’m practically adult or something! I also had to start scheduling my own appointments because, as it turns out, my mom didn’t actually want to do that for me for the rest of my life.

I ran a half marathon. This was probably supposed to be one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever done. I did absolutely no training and had never ran more than 4 or 5 miles at a time in my life (and let’s be honest, that was probably like one time). The only reason I signed up for it was because I knew it was downhill pretty much the entire way (really only for the first 7 miles) so I figured I could make it through on momentum alone. It ended up being one of my favorite life experiences and I no longer hate running! I still don’t love it, but it isn’t anywhere near as hard and daunting as I previously thought. Plus, the french toast we got afterward was pretty amazing.

I got an apartment. Having my own space is pretty fantastic, but cleaning it and paying the bills kind of blows. But, living with a man who knows how to cook is awesome! I rarely have to cook anything unless Kevin wants grilled cheese (I make some pretty bomb grilled cheese).

I had a dog (for about ten minutes). Kevin and I discovered that it’s probably the worst idea ever to bring a dog that has lived his entire life outside, roaming the wide open spaces, to an apartment that is only 850 square feet and put him in a kennel for 8 hours a day while you’re at work. It didn’t really seem fair to the dog, so we took a road trip back to Oregon so that he could live in a much better home. We have decided not to get any pets until we have an actual house.

I gained 20 pounds. Yep, it’s true! Unfortunately, it turns out that you cannot eat a diet of only Chick-fil-a and In-n-Out Burger without packing on a few extra pounds. The free lunches at work probably didn’t help either! As much as I miss my swimming days when I could eat Taco Bell 3x per week and all the pasta I wanted, I have really enjoyed learning how to eat healthier and cook meals at home (aka watch Kevin cook meals at home and occasionally help him cut up vegetables or something).

I got married. Turns out, it’s really hard to plan your own wedding when you’re having it in the state you no longer live in. Also, a “low-budget” wedding still costs a lot of money! As unexpected as it was, my parents embraced it with their full love and support and the wedding simply wouldn’t have happened at all if it hadn’t been for my mom. She painted the outside of her house, found some paint you can spray on your grass to make it look green (did we actually end up using that?), planned literally everything (the food, the cake, the decorations, where to put all the crap that was in the backyard, the tables, the chairs, the tablecloths, everything), all the while trying to help Christopher with his first few weeks of 9th grade, and get Alex all packed up to move back to OSU. And somehow, she did not lose her shit on any of us.
Note: there will be another post specifically about the wedding later (aka whenever I get around to it).
Those are all the big things. The milestones, as they say. To end this post, I’ll leave you all with this list of all the boring things I’ve done since moving to Utah:

  • I slid my car into a snowbank while attempting to get on a freeway on-ramp.
  • I slept through the entire Super Bowl.
  • I paid for a personal trainer for 6 months.
  • I missed a flight.
  • I re-read (almost) all the Harry Potter books. Still working on 6 & 7.
  • But, I did watch all of the Harry Potter movies!
  • I made a vegetable broth and went on a detox for about two days until I became too bitchy to be around anyone and then I gave in.
  • I went to Lagoon and rode the same rollercoaster like 10 times.
  • I went to the emergency room at 4am. The service is really great at that time of night/morning!
  • I drove from Utah to Oregon and back four times.
  • I went to a place called Sodalicious and now regular soda will never be the same again.
  • I put together an entire Ikea bed frame all by myself.


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