25 Legit Reasons To Stay Home From Work

Now, I love where I work. I love the people, I love what I do everyday, and I love how short the commute is. I really have nothing to complain about at all. Nevertheless, I still wake up some days and dread getting out of my comfy bed and facing the day.

It really has nothing to do with going to work at all. It has to do with going out into the world. 

So, for anyone else who just didn’t feel like going out into the world today, here’s a (hopefully humorous) list of legitimate reasons you can use to justify staying home in your comfy bed:

  1. It snowed last night and your car is covered in six inches of powder. The ice scraper/snow brush thing is inside the car so there’s no way to get to it without getting snow all over you.
  2. Your husband woke you up in the middle of the night by loudly blowing his nose, knocking over a bottle of water, and turning on the bathroom light because he forgot to take his contacts out. It clearly disrupted your REM cycle and you need at least a four hour nap.
  3. It’s too cold outside the comfort of your bed.
  4. You went to the gym this morning, so you definitely deserve to stay home and rest for the remainder of the day.
  5. You got a sunburn last weekend and it can’t have any clothing touching it, otherwise it hurts with a vengeance. Going to work topless is unfortunately not an option.
  6. Your sunburn that you got last weekend is now peeling and itching like a MOFO.
  7. The house is a mess. You need to spend the day at home deep-cleaning everything.
  8. You need to catch up on all of the Netflix shows your husband has been telling you to watch.
  9. Your jeans feel tighter than they did yesterday and you can’t bear going to work after clearly gaining fifteen pounds overnight.
  10. All of your clothes are clean (for once) so there are too many outfit choices to choose from.
  11. It’s too sunny outside and you don’t know where your sunglasses are.
  12. You have to clean up all of your clothes that are now strewn about the bedroom floor, after trying on every single article of clothing you own looking for something to wear.
  13. There’s no one around to put aloe vera on your back, because your husband is a responsible adult who went to work early.
  14. You’re too tired to legally be driving, maybe you’re at risk for falling asleep at the wheel.
  15. You have to make breakfast after going to the gym, which means you’ll be late anyway so you might as well just call it a day.
  16. You’re already late for work because of the last 15 reasons, so what’s the point in even trying to get to work at all?
  17. You’re going to be even later the longer you argue with yourself about whether or not you should stay home, so just stay home.
  18. You just remembered you need to get gas so that’s going to be another hour added on to your commute.
  19. There’s no Dutch Bros. near where you live, so there’s no point in ever getting out of bed really.
  20. Your husband is at work, so if you stay home you’ll have the entire house to yourself! Which means you can nap, all alone, spread out in the center of the bed.
  21. Maybe you’d be more productive if you stayed home. Maybe you could write an entire novel in one day if you really focused on it.
  22. Your husband has been sick all week, which means you’ll probably get sick next week, so you’d better rest up now and hopefully not catch his cold.
  23. There’s probably one or two thank-you cards you still haven’t sent out from your wedding. You should probably take the day to get those done.
  24. If you took a nap, you could go to the gym again this afternoon! Maybe it’s not too late to be an olympic athlete.
  25. It’s Friday. You showed up 4 out of 5 days this week. You deserve the day off!

What are your favorite reasons for staying home from work? What are some reasons you wish your boss thought were legitimate? Comment below!

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