Two Years Later

I can’t believe it’s been two years since I left the nest and moved to Utah! What started out as a crazy post-college adventure has become somewhat of a permanent residence. If you had told me I’d still be living in Utah after two years, I would have said you were batshit crazy!

I wrote a post titled One Year Later in celebration of my one year anniversary of living in Utah and it was such a fun post to write, so I figured I’d do the same for the two year mark!

So, here goes nothing! Year two in review…

I did not move back to Oregon. I know what you’re thinking. When the hell is she going to move back? How long can she stand to live in that place? There are no beaches! Well, life is funny that way. I did not plan on being here this long. But, I didn’t plan for a lot of things. Like getting married. And getting a great job. And loving the hot summers and snowy winters. Plans to move back to Oregon are in the works but they’re still a few years down the line. Like five years.

We moved into a new place. Basically I went from living in the same house for 20 years to moving three times in two years. Our rent at our old apartment was outrageous and thankfully we found a place that’s bigger, cheaper, and right by Kevin’s work! We decided not to rent a moving van and instead take 6 or 7 trips to the new place to move everything. In retrospect, a moving van would have been a much better choice. We signed a long lease at our new place and will be there until September 2019. We have neighbors that we absolutely adore and we love our new place.

We did a Whole30. Successfully, no slip-ups for 30 whole days! We learned a lot about ourselves and our eating habits (I’m lactose intolerant to some degree and Kevin loves to snack every night before bed). Check out My Whole30 Journey to read more. We lost some weight and have been eating mostly Paleo since then. We still have some weight to lose to get back to peak physical shape, but Whole30 was a great way to get started. Plus, it made us realize that eating out makes you feel like absolute shit and it doesn’t even taste good!

I ran a half marathon (again). And forced Kevin to run with me! Because the couple that runs half marathons together stays together, right? Or they kill each other? Something like that. Although it was a blast, I don’t think we’re going to be that couple that runs 5Ks on holidays (but you never know!).

We downsized to one vehicle. We sold Kevin’s truck which was bittersweet and I think he still cries himself to sleep some nights (which is understandable because his longest relationship ever was with that truck). Now we carpool everywhere in my Corolla, which is now completely paid off (look out world, I have no more car payments!). Having one car has saved us money on car insurance and we go everywhere together anyway (Kevin will not go grocery shopping alone) so it hasn’t felt much different.

My birth control turned me into a crazy wacko. Truth. I switched from the pill to the arm implant in June because I had turned into a crazy, hormonal, shouting, crying mess and I’m surprised Kevin put up with it for so long. My hormones are now no longer out of whack and I still cry during every episode of Grey’s Anatomy (who doesn’t?), but I finally feel like myself again. Oh, the joys of being a woman.

My family came to visit. That’s right, the Kemper clan (minus Alex) crammed into our little apartment for a week. I’m still working on a blog post about our trip to Moab with the family, but it’s turned into a novella and I haven’t finished it yet (stay tuned!). After taking several trips back to Oregon last year, it was nice to have the family here in Utah. We got to show them around and do some hiking and take a few naps (we did a lot of hiking, okay!).

We paid off (almost) all of our debt! We’re on track for a full credit card debt payoff by the end of September (yay!) and we’ll have the rest of my student loans paid off by the end of the year! We entered 2019 about $10,000 in credit card debt and are down to less than $4,000 so we’re pretty proud of ourselves! We had a lot of financial setbacks last year but we’ve worked really hard to get back on track and we’re killing it! We still have a lot to learn about budgeting but the great thing about starting married life in debt is you never want to go back there. 

What’s on the docket for year three? I’m so glad you asked!

  • Our first anniversary. That’s right, folks. In mid-September, we will have successfully made it through our first year of marriage without killing each other. Look for a blog post titled “How to suck at marriage but still make it through your first year” by yours truly. Maybe I’ll have Kevin write a post too and we can compare our experiences and advice!
  • Debt-free-ness! January 2019, mark your calendars. We will be celebrating being 100% debt free and I am already planning a big post about how we managed to knock out over $20,000 of debt in one year. So this is me holding myself accountable to that goal!
  • Beach-house shenanigans! We have already rented a beach house in Oregon for Thanksgiving week and I am anticipating that it will be a week full of fun, rain, wind, daily Dutch Bros., great restaurants, lots of laughs, a few tears, some yelling, new memories, and a smattering of family drama. Stay tuned.
  • A new family member. Nope, I’m not pregnant! Gotcha! I just like trying to give my mom heart attacks. Next year, we plan on expanding our family to include either a beloved sprinter van or motorhome (we’re still deciding). As most of you know, we have big plans to travel full-time, and we are on track to have enough $$ to purchase the van/motorhome of our dreams by mid-2019! From there, we expect to spend about 6 months working on it and getting it ready for full-time traveling. I am super excited (Kevin says it’s still too far in the future for him to be excited, but I’ll keep you posted).

Oregon family and friends, I miss you all and I long for the days when we will be reunited at last! But until then, the Utah Saga continues!






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