2019 Goals: January Recap

I had this moment yesterday where I was like, next year it will be 2020, and that just blew my mind. I don’t know why, but the thought of it being 2020 makes me feel very old, so I’m glad that I’m really getting my shit together this year!

This month was a great kickoff for my 2019 goals. I could not be happier with my progress, and I am looking forward to keeping the momentum going in February. I am excited to share my wins with all of you and continue to hold myself accountable!

January Progress – Financial Goals

  • For the student loans this month, we paid off a total of $3,282.62. The balance is down to $4,662.06 and we are on track to make our last payment on March 5th!
  • We kept $1,000 in savings all month and did not dip into it once!
  • We won’t see any progress toward the savings goals until March, as all of our extra $$ is going to those student loans!

January Progress – Personal Growth

  • I am loving this journey to being in the best shape of my life! I lost five pounds in January, worked out every single day, recorded my workouts in my handy workout journal my brother bought me for Christmas, and went from doing pushups on my knees to doing them on my toes on a step. I show my body love & appreciation every day.
  • Kevin & I were on a strict budget in January, so we’ve been eating a lot of cheap (but delicious meals). We’ve been focusing eating the right amount of food (not overeating) and, while we’ve been enjoying many non-Whole30 foods, I keep my dairy intake to a minimum.
  • I decided to go a different way with a novel I was working on last year, and have started working on this new version. I am excited about it and hope to finish the first draft by the end of February, but my goal is to write a little bit every day.
  • I journaled consistently in January and found it really helped me reflect on moments when I experienced anxiety. I learned that simply writing down what I am feeling helps me move through that feeling and move on with my day, rather than carrying it around.

January Progress – Relationships

  • Our first date night of 2019 was actually a double-date. We went to a basketball game with some friends and had a great time (plus, Oregon won so Kevin was happy!).
  • We did not set aside a specific talking time for January, but I think in February we will do a coffee date where we can go over the budget for the month and talk about anything else that is on our mind.
  • We both really buckled down in January to make a huge dent in the student loans. We talked about what was essential to buy and what could wait. Now that we killed our January financial goals, we are excited for our (fully-budgeted) trip to Phoenix in February!

One thing I have noticed is that I love how all of my goals are really tied to one another. Staying committed to one goal allows me to progress more toward another goal. For example, how well we do with sticking to our budget directly affects how much money we are able to put toward the student loans. And, the more I pay down the student loan debt, the lower my anxiety levels are. And when my anxiety levels are lower, I am less likely to skip my workouts or stress-eat, and I sleep better, which is helping me reach my fitness goals. I cannot wait to see how I feel when we are 100% debt-free. This month was a great start, and I am excited to update you all on our progress at the end of February! ❤

Published by Sami Hertel

Oregon native, current Utah resident, blogging about my adventures on lifeafteroregon.com!

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