2019 Goals: February Recap

January seemed like it was going to go on forever, while February went by in the blink of an eye! I can’t believe tomorrow is March 1st! Although short, this month was jam-packed with progress (and fun adventures!).

I was fairly happy with my January progress, but knew that I could do better, and I really blew myself away this month! I am even more excited for next month now that I know how much I can accomplish in a mere 30 days.

February Progress – Financial Goals

  • For the student loans this month, we paid off a total of $3,558.02. The balance is down to $1,059.54 and we will make our very last payment ever on March 5th! Next week we will officially be debt-free!
  • Seeing the student loan balance drop has been such a huge weight off my chest. I know it’s not the worst kind of debt one can have, but it is such a relief to have it gone.
  • We are really excited to start working on our savings goals next month!

February Progress – Personal Growth

  • I kept doing my workout videos this month and was excited to see continued progress in my form and my ability to do more difficult versions of the exercises. I am still doing push-ups on my toes on a step, but I feel myself getting stronger. I was also able to progress to a complete burpee (before, I was doing everything but the final jump at the end) as well as doing the squat jumps rather than just pulsing my squats.
  • Kevin wanted to do more Whole30 meals this month, since he noticed that eating more pasta, rice, and dairy was making him feel like crap in January. Although we indulged during our Phoenix trip and basically ate whatever we wanted all weekend, I didn’t feel like I overdid it and I still ended the month with another 5 pounds lost!
  • I am so proud of my progress, not only with losing 10 pounds total since January 1st, but my body fat % has dropped as well, and I have noticed my muscle definition increasing in my legs and arms. Next month, I am going to buy some additional at-home fitness equipment and start doing some more intense workouts.

February Progress – Relationships

  • Kevin and I had a unique and awesome trip to Phoenix this month. We are so lucky that both of our best friends happen to live in the same city! Rather than plan all of our activities together, we decided to have separate vacations with our respective friends. It was one of the first non-family/holiday-related vacations we’ve had since getting married and it was just what we needed!
  • Since we will be debt-free next month, we’re going to focus a little bit more on date nights and making sure we’re having fun! First up in March will be dinner & a movie (Captain Marvel). We are also going on a mini-trip this weekend to Moab with Kevin’s mom, who is coming to visit from Oregon!

Overall, I feel like February was even better than January as far as progress and my overall happiness, so I am excited to continue to push myself in my workouts in March, as well as take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling of being debt-free! Knowing that I have to write these blog posts at the end of the month has definitely helped me stay on track as well as enjoy all of my wins, no matter how small they are. This is the first time I feel as motivated and structured as I did in college, but without the added stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep that college brings. I am lucky to have an amazingly supportive group of family and friends surrounding me at all times. They are always bringing me up and keeping me focused on the positive.

Happy last day of February, everyone! 2 months down, 10 to go! #2019goals

Published by Sami Hertel

Oregon native, current Utah resident, blogging about my adventures on lifeafteroregon.com!

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