2019 Goals: April Recap

April was a busy month and — to top it off — I missed the last week of it! Despite the trips to the emergency room and the nine-day-hiatus from all physical activity, April was actually a really productive month for my goals!

April Progress – Financial Goals

  • We put $3,000 in savings! Our goal was $2,500 so we added a little extra, thanks to an unexpected work bonus for me! We now have $5,000 in savings and will keep that as an emergency fund at all times.
  • We had some fun! We took the month off from being frugal and had a few date nights, bought some things that were more “wants” than “needs”, and didn’t stress about it! I think we’re both feeling refreshed and ready to focus on some aggressive savings goals over the next few months.
  • Kevin got a promotion at work and is now the supervisor of his team! He got a raise, which will help us reach our savings goals even faster!
  • Our goal is to have as much saved as possible by July-August so we can buy a new truck!

April Progress – Personal Growth

  • In March, we started a new workout plan that my awesome brother created for us. This has really amped up my fitness training and progress. I am starting to notice some abs poking out and more muscle tone overall. I’m very excited to continue this workout plan and see what progress the next month brings!
  • I lost 7.5 pounds! While I wish I could give all the credit to my hard work and dedication, I think a small amount of credit goes to being extremely sick for a week and a half. Food did not sound good for several days, and then I ate Jimmy John’s three days in a row. It’s all about finding that balance. Regardless, I am really happy with the progress I’m making and the changes I’m noticing in how my body looks and feels!
  • Being sick for over a week was disheartening, and it’s really difficult for me to sit still and be “unproductive” for that long. But I had no choice and I didn’t fight it, and I’m glad now that I took the time to recover and heal so that I could get back to my normal life and feel 100%!
  • Special shoutout to Kevin for sticking to his workout schedule when he traveled to California for work and during the week I was sick! He has been killing it.

April Progress – Relationships

  • As I mentioned, we did several date nights this month which were really fun! We even had dinner one night with our neighbors, who we love and somehow don’t see that often even though they live above us!
  • Kevin gets a gold star this month for driving me to urgent care and to the emergency room twice, all in the same weekend. We were in the emergency room for four hours (and then had to go back) and he did not complain once. He had to deal with super sick me for a full week before I started feeling better, and honestly he was nothing but supportive and loving and kind. The whole ordeal made me feel so lucky to be married to such an awesome person!
  • We will both be going on our own “vacations” next month. I am going to a wedding in California with my mom and Kevin is going to see his family that same weekend while I’m gone. We’re also going on a little Memorial Day Weekend camping trip, which I am excited about despite the fact that I know it will be so busy.

Here we are in month five of 2019 and I still feel like I am making progress toward my goals! Although I am a goal-oriented person, this may be the first year that I see my New Year’s Resolutions through to the end. It’s been helpful and fun writing these blog posts; they’re kind of like public diary entries that I can reflect on at the end of this year.

One more huge April win: I wrote an article for The Financial Diet! This is one of my first published articles, aside from my blog and a thesis paper I wrote in college! You can read the article here.

I am very excited about this because one of my personal goals in April was to stop judging my own writing so harshly and just write. A few days after I made this goal, I saw that The Financial Diet was looking for article submissions, so I thought why the heck not and sent in some ideas and voila! It was a huge confidence boost to see my writing published on someone else’s website, and it made me realize that sometimes getting something done is better than waiting for it to be absolutely perfect.

Stay tuned this month for some controversial (but hopefully kind and polite) blog posts related to political and social issues!

Published by Sami Hertel

Oregon native, current Utah resident, blogging about my adventures on lifeafteroregon.com!

2 thoughts on “2019 Goals: April Recap

  1. That’s great that you accomplished your writing goal and submitted to FD! That’s how I just found your blog. Loved your open and honest “30 pounds” article from today!


    1. Thank you so much! It’s been a goal of mine to get my writing published for a long time and I think this is a great start! I’m glad that you found my blog and enjoyed the article from today!


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