2019 Goals: May Recap

May felt like the longest month ever — and yet somehow it still flew by! I seriously cannot believe it’s already June. We are flying through 2019. This is usually the point in the year where I’ve realized that I completely forgot about all my goals and I try to start them up again — it’s amazing what five months of hard work will do instead.

May Progress – Financial Goals

  • Our hard work paid off this month. We had a few unexpected expenses: a super fun emergency room bill, a new car battery, and new tires. With our $5,000 emergency fund, we didn’t even have to stress about this (okay I still did, but only because I was bummed that no money would go into savings this month).
  • We could have put some more money away, but instead we went on a trip to Moab! It was actually one of our more frugal trips — we stayed in a tent and only ate out for dinner.
  • We ate out a lot more this month, which was a nice break for Kevin from cooking dinner — but we’ve reset our priorities and June will be all about putting money in savings and using the extra money for a few mini-adventures!

May Progress – Personal Growth

  • As you may recall, one of my 2019 goals was to be in the best shape of my life by June. Although I am — in many ways — in the best shape of my life, the journey doesn’t stop here. But, I think it’s important to celebrate milestones and accomplishments!
  • Since January 2019, I have lost 20 pounds and am back in the weight range I was in almost 3 years ago when I moved to Utah.
  • I can now do real push ups (yes, manly push ups). My core is the strongest it has ever been — I am doing core exercises that I wouldn’t have been able to do a few months ago.
  • I am lifting more weight than I ever have before. I am hitting new PRs every week.
  • I am finding that balance. Yes, I could have probably been farther along in my journey by now. I could have lost more weight or been stronger by now if I had worked out more and eaten healthier, but last month I enjoyed a lot of delicious food and had a few really fun trips and I don’t regret any of my choices.
  • For more on this six-month journey to becoming my best self, check out this post here.

May Progress – Relationships

  • Not only did we have an amazing weekend adventure in Moab — we also went on our own solo adventures! I went to California for my cousin’s wedding and Kevin decided that, rather than staying home by himself all weekend, he would meet his family in Baker City, OR for the weekend. We were able to each take some time to ourselves and come back feeling refreshed and excited for our Memorial Day Weekend trip together.
  • As I mentioned, we ate out a lot this month. We haven’t been eating out nearly as much since we did our first Whole30, but we go through phases. It was really nice this month because we had some busy weeks and trips and things, but ultimately neither of us like how much it costs for two people to eat out. We’ve been working harder on intentional eating out — planning to go out rather than being too busy for dinner or not wanting to cook. To help with this, I have started cooking a few meals each week (gasp, I know right — we knew this day would come). This has helped Kevin take a break from the kitchen and also makes our weekly meals a bit cheaper — since me cooking usually involves something easy like grilled cheese.
  • We’ve been planning a big road trip (tentatively for 2021) and it’s been really fun to plan but also kind of a bummer because it’s so far away, so this last weekend in Moab we decided that we don’t need to wait until 2021 to have our big adventure. We can take advantage of all the cool places within a few hours of home, and take more weekend trips! You will be seeing a lot more weekend adventures from us this summer and we hope you enjoy it!

Published by Sami Hertel

Oregon native, current Utah resident, blogging about my adventures on lifeafteroregon.com!

2 thoughts on “2019 Goals: May Recap

  1. It is always nice to plan a BIG trip but nice to live in the now I believe. Exploring is always fun. Making memories are fun. So good to read your blog. Thanks for sharing…


    1. Yes, we are so stoked about planning the big trip but I don’t want to “hurry up and wait” especially since we have so many great places so close by! Very excited about the mini-adventures to come ❤️ Thank you for reading!


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