2020: A Year in Review

Well I had high hopes to write a Christmas letter and send a cute Christmas card this year, but then I had a baby and time became a construct that I no longer understand and the days all blur together and seem to both drag on and fly by simultaneously. Maybe next year. Or maybe I’ll send out a Christmas card in June to stay ahead of the game.

This is not an overview of my 2020 goals and what I accomplished, and I have no 2021 goals. I have a laundry list of things I’d like to do but they are not confined to the year 2021. I’m not really sure what a laundry list is but if it’s a metaphor for a list that’s never-ending because once you have a newborn the laundry is never-ending, then it is an on-point phrase and I love it.

I’m not sure how all of these phrases came to be anyway. An announcer on the basketball game we were watching the other night said something about “having your p’s and q’s” and I asked Kevin what it meant (assuming it related somehow to basketball) and we went down the google rabbit hole and it turns out no one knows for sure what it means.

Back to 2020, the year started out with a few winter trips. Kevin and I drove hundreds of miles around Arizona in a single weekend. We both thought that we had MLK day off so we’d have a three day weekend but it turned out neither of us had the day off so we ended up having about 2 and a half days to drive from Utah to Petrified Forest National Park and the Grand Canyon and back.

I also went off birth control in January. We decided to “start trying” and I thought maybe we’d be pregnant by June.

In February, we went on our first trip to Europe! On a whirlwind two week trip, we flew to London, Paris and Dublin and by the time we flew home, covid was almost in full swing and we were slightly worried we weren’t going to get to fly home. Thankfully we did not get stranded in London, although that might have been fun!

In March, right before everyone was officially quarantined, my mom and youngest brother came to visit us and we made a trip to Moab and took them to a few of our favorite national and state parks. We also found out in March that we were pregnant! A complete surprise, we didn’t expect it to happen in the first try.

In April, we quarantined, started working from home, and ate a lot of takeout. I didn’t have morning sickness really, just a general lack of appetite, so we ate whatever sounded good to me at the moment — a lot of Panda Express. I got to see our baby for the first time on an ultrasound and Kevin didn’t get to come to the appointment due to covid restrictions.

Sometime in either April or May (I honestly can’t remember), we bought an Airstream. The Utah dealership was having a big sale, and I kind of panicked about the idea of not being able to travel due to covid. Being stuck in the apartment was not appealing to me and Kevin and I had been talking for a few years about buying a camping trailer. So, we thought why the fuck not and that seemed to become the theme of the year. Shortly after we bought the Airstream, Kevin took our truck (a Toyota Tacoma) in for a “routine maintenance appointment” and came back with a Toyota Tundra (quite the upgrade). Yes, there were some brief conversations about it but that’s basically how it happened. Not a planned upgrade but it does tow the airstream better and there’s a lot more room. It’s Kevin’s thing.

We took the airstream and tundra on their maiden voyage to Capitol Reef for Memorial Day weekend, thinking it would be quiet and we’d be able to effectively get outside while social distancing. It was not quiet and we had to get up super early in order to hike on trails without tons of other people around. But I’m glad we went because we were starting to go crazy in the apartment.

Oh, and somewhere in here Kevin started school at UVU to finish his degree!

In June, we surprised my mom for her birthday by driving to Oregon to celebrate with her. It was her 50th birthday and birthdays are kind of her thing, so we got all of her friends and family to send us happy birthday videos and we played them all for her since we couldn’t do a big birthday party. My brother came home with us to Utah and moved in for the summer (and is still here!).

In July, I told Kevin that maybe we should start looking at houses so maybe we could buy one next year. Well, it so happens that Kevin has wanted to buy a house for a very long time and apparently I was the only thing standing in the way. So once he got me on board, we ended up buying a house within 30 days! We went on a family camping trip to Glacier national park (in retrospect, a terribly anxiety-inducing experience in light of covid but we were able to be relatively safe) and announced to them the news of our house purchase and the fact that we were having a baby girl!

In August, we moved out of our apartment and into our new home! Which was a fantastic choice with a baby in the way and three people working from home. I felt bored thought and decided to start an MBA program at UVU. See, the why the fuck not theme continues.

In September, we went on our last trip of the year to take my brother Alex to see Moab and all of our favorite places. With the airstream, we didn’t have to use a public restroom the entire trip! We were able to eat some takeout food and still support the local restaurants while staying away from town and the crowds. It was a super stressful trip as many people were not wearing masks, but I’m glad we went and spent most of our days lounging by the river completely isolated.

In October, I spent almost the entire month trying to get this baby out of me. My due date was November 6th so by mid-October it was like okay any day now. Kevin went elk hunting in a unit super close to home and saw a ton of elk, but didn’t get anything because he had a spike-only tag. We celebrated Alex’s birthday and waited for the baby to come.

In November, we really tried everything to induce labor. But Sophie was not ready to come out and I ended up getting induced on November 13th (which I’d you know my mom, she really wanted her to be born on the 13th because it’s her favorite number) and she was born on the 14th after 18 hours of labor (but only 30 minutes of pushing, thank the sweet baby Jesus). Both Kevin and Alex were able to be in the delivery room and the nurses said it was a rare thing to see two men in the delivery room!

And of course we can’t forget Kevin’s birthday (except I did when I first posted this and I’m surprised he didn’t notice when he read it, but I’m posting an edit just for him — he loves his birthday)! Just five days after Sophie’s. I got the whole family to help chip in to buy him a brand new set of golf clubs, which I had repeatedly told him I would not be buying for him because he’d have no time to play golf with a newborn baby so he was very surprised!

We spent the rest of November and December figuring out how to live with a newborn! My friend Stephanie told me the first few weeks are a mix of euphoria and panic and that description could not have been more accurate. We had a few people come help us — my dearest friend Katie, my parents and youngest brother — and I am so grateful they were able to be here to help us survive those first few weeks and meet Sophie!

I am still on new parent leave with Sophie and will be for a few more weeks before going back to work (remotely). I have some additional leave that I will take later (because I hear there are fun things like teething and sleep regressions coming!). Sophie is by far the best thing to happen to us in 2020 (and really ever) and we could not be happier and we’re so in love with her.

Kevin will read this post and tell me about all of the important things I missed but that was the gist of it, at least the important and interesting things! Thanks for following our adventures! I will try and post more frequently in 2021 to keep you all updated as we navigate life as new parents and have adventures with Sophie!

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