Welcome Back!

I don’t know if I am welcoming myself back or welcoming you back as a reader, but either way – we are back!

2020 was an inconsistent year for Life After Oregon. My favorite thing to blog about is travel and after our trip to Europe in February, the pandemic hit, lockdown happened, and we got pregnant! We spent the rest of the year mostly not going anywhere — and if we did travel, I didn’t want to blog about it and give the wrong vibe that I was encouraging travel during such a scary time.

Now here we are with an eight month old baby and things are still not back to normal for us travel-wise, but Kevin has been trying to get me to take time for myself! I am at home with our daughter, Sophie, during the week while Kevin works. I still have some maternity leave time left so I am still working part-time, but it’s just the two of us alone all day until Kevin gets home in the evening. And the truth is that I really don’t want to be away from Sophie because I love her so damn much and I just sit around and watch videos of her when I am not with her.

But, I have been feeling burnt out and I need time alone to recharge and eat a sandwich in peace and do something for me. Unfortunately, Kevin also reminded me that I don’t have any hobbies and my idea of a nice afternoon to myself probably involves deep cleaning a bathroom. I was quick to remind him that while I do love to organize a space, no one really loves deep cleaning a bathroom.

One of my hobbies that I really used to enjoy was this blog! Until we had this whole pandemic and I was pregnant and I was either too tired to write about anything or I was afraid I was writing the wrong things and people were going to judge me horribly for it. Pregnancy was not a fun time for me, mainly due to the pandemic, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to make a name for myself by complaining about pregnancy.

I need a hobby and a reason to sip my coffee alone in my office, undisturbed, so the blog is back!

The one thing you can always count on here is chaos and unpredictability. I will likely not conform to any one, two, or three topics even though I will try to talk about traveling, being a mom, and traveling while being a mom (or something like that). I will also change the blog theme constantly and you will never know what this place is going to look like when you click on a link to a new blog post!

Just ask Kevin how many times I have rearranged the furniture in our living room this year.

I know this will be a “welcome back” to my loyal fans (aka dear friends and family, I love you all so much!) but if you are new here I did write a little about me blurb and I will tell you a bit about my current self here as well:

My name is Sami or Sam or Samantha depending on who you are and which name you’ve decided to call me! I really like all the names and I really don’t have a preference. But if you were to see me in public (unlikely) or try to find me in a crowd (highly unlikely) then your best bet is “Samantha” because I think everyone remembers their mom yelling their full name from the front porch when it was time to come inside for the night.

Kevin is my husband. We’ve been married for almost four years now, but we have known each other for literally my entire life (a story for another time). We both grew up in Oregon but have lived in Utah for five years now (hence this is now our Life After Oregon). Our daughter Sophie was born last November!

I have kept most of my old blog posts up if you have any interest in reading them. The travel ones are the best, but there are a lot of other fun ramblings! I will be posting something new every Saturday, hopefully, unless I have to rearrange all the furniture in my house again.

Feel free to check out the new (and old) posts and if you enjoy what you read, you can support my writing by buying me a coffee!

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