Late night (for me) check-in!

After an exciting return to the blog, the Saturday posts lasted two weeks! Typing this from my phone as I have no desire to get on my computer on the weekend after a long week at work. Anyone else get tension headaches from being on a laptop all day? I used to blame screens in general but I just don’t get the same headaches from staring at my phone! I think they’ve gotten worse now with breastfeeding and constantly having terrible posture/looking down at baby.

We’ve been hard at work this summer finishing our basement (Kevin has been the hardest worker but keeping the baby entertained while he works is a full time job as well!). My parents will be moving in with us in about a month! I haven’t talked about it much because they had been keeping it on the down low until it was really 100% decided and they had for sure plans to rent out their house. We are SO EXCITED to have them move in with us, especially after this crazy covid year (that is still ongoing).

When I moved to Utah five years ago it was no big deal because I could come back home anytime and I did make many trips, usually at least 2 per year, back to Oregon! Now, with the pandemic and a baby, it just does not seem worth it to risk the travel so I am really looking forward to having my parents and youngest brother here with us. If things get worse and we have to quarantine again, we will all be together!

Kevin finished painting the basement today so all we have left is flooring, baseboards and doors! And all the details here and there – outlet covers and blinds and light fixtures, but the big things are almost done! It’s been a stressful project and as first time homebuyers with a baby, it was a bit much to take on but we can finally see the finish line!

Hope to have my Saturdays freed up again soon, stay tuned!

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