Basement Renovations

Trying out this “writing a blog post from my phone” thing again. I have been dealing with some back pain and headaches that seem to be exacerbated by sitting at the computer so unless I’m working, I have no desire to sit at the computer.

As I’ve mentioned, we have been working on finishing our basement before my parents move in with us in less than a month! When we bought the house last August, we knew we were taking on this project but I don’t think we fully understood the scope or how difficult it would be to work on it when our baby arrived a few months later!

We threw ourselves into the project right when we moved in and we bought all the lumber we would need to finish framing. This was the first unexpected expense (for me — not realizing how expensive this stuff is!) but it worked out because the lumber prices skyrocketed and although we didn’t actually start working on the basement until several months later, we saved a lot of money buying the lumber early.

Before tackling the basement, Kevin decided to practice his skills by finishing the inside of the shed in our backyard. I hate the term she-shed but it is my workout space now and it looks fantastic!

Kevin finished the shed before our daughter was born and then took a long break as we figured out how to be parents to a newborn! Finally, maybe two months into new parent life, he started framing and figuring out electrical. Unfortunately I don’t think we took a picture when the framing was done, I can’t find one!

Drywall was next and this was probably the longest part of the process because Kevin needed help but I couldn’t really help because the pieces were too heavy for me to lift, and we couldn’t work while the baby was sleeping because it was too loud! Kevin had a lot of friends come help him out thankfully — thanks Trent, Jake and Devin!

Finally the dreaded drywall was finished and we got to move on to mud + tape which I was able to help with, much to Kevin’s delight. This went considerably faster, mainly because we could work on it while the baby slept and also because I told Kevin to work on it every day after work until it was done rather than take a day off. He wasn’t thrilled about this but I think he is thankful now that I pushed him to get it done.

He borrowed a paint sprayer and was able to get the basement painted all in one day, and now is ready to put the flooring in which will be our next adventure! The paint is called “Vanilla Chai” but we had a good laugh after he finished painting because it looks very pink! My mom will be happy about that because she hates boring beige paint and I think was already planning to repaint it in rainbow as soon as she arrived!

If this were one of those inspirational DIY advice posts, I would have to say:

Throw the budget out the window because your husband will frequently call you on his way home from work saying he needs to “pick up a few things” from Home Depot or Lowe’s that he “forgot about” and these random trips will be upwards of $200 each time.

That being said, putting some money aside for a generic “Home Expenses” fund has been super helpful for us to stay ahead of these purchases and not drown in debt.

Kevin still wants to flip houses together but I said only if we can agree on the budget ahead of time and have money saved for the things he “forgets” AND not be living in the house we’re trying to renovate!!

Kevin was also recently injured working on this project although when I asked him for a quote for this blog post he said: “I’m not telling you what happened, it’s too embarrassing!!” So we will never know.

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