Why Am I Scrolling? An Inner Monologue on Social Media

I just had a baby about six weeks ago, and I am breastfeeding — which means I now spend a large portion of my day sitting on my couch with only one hand free. In fact, I am currently typing this with only one hand, really one thumb. When you only have one hand free,Continue reading “Why Am I Scrolling? An Inner Monologue on Social Media”

Family Trip: Canyonlands & Goblin Valley!

Two of our favorite places with two of our favorite people! Once upon a time, my mom and youngest brother planned a trip to see us in March 2020 — not knowing that the COVID pandemic would hit right about then. All of our plans were up in the air right up until the weekContinue reading “Family Trip: Canyonlands & Goblin Valley!”

Europe Adventures Part 3: Dublin!

**This is part three of our Europe trip, which happened in February, but I am just now getting around to writing about it!** We landed in Dublin mid-afternoon, figured out which bus we needed to take to get to our hotel, and set off in the middle of a rain storm (it actually snowed forContinue reading “Europe Adventures Part 3: Dublin!”

Europe Adventures Part 2: Paris!

**This is part two of our Europe trip, which happened in February, but I am just now getting around to writing it!** Originally, we were supposed to fly out of Exeter really early on Tuesday morning — like 6:30am early. After the fiasco of losing the blue backpack, I changed our flight to Tuesday afternoonContinue reading “Europe Adventures Part 2: Paris!”

Europe Adventures Part 1: London!

**I started writing this post back in March but clearly I was derailed, mostly due to the COVID pandemic stress. Kevin and I are healthy and doing well and I am finally back on track and working through my backlog of blog posts and life updates!** In February, Kevin and I traveled internationally for theContinue reading “Europe Adventures Part 1: London!”

Weekend Adventure: Petrified Forest & Grand Canyon

I’ve been behind on blog posts so far this year — and now with the recent quarantine it seems like a good time to get caught up! Today is the first day that I’ve actually felt like doing something “productive” during this quarantine time, so I’m taking that as a positive sign. Our first weekendContinue reading “Weekend Adventure: Petrified Forest & Grand Canyon”

Weekend Adventure: Death Valley National Park

Death Valley was our last weekend adventure of 2019. The name, Death Valley, took on quite a literal form when Kevin and I both got sick a few days before we were supposed to leave for the trip. It was just a regular head cold — nothing crazy — so we decided not to cancelContinue reading “Weekend Adventure: Death Valley National Park”

10 Things I Have Learned in 10 Years

Back in November, I decided I was going to get a head start on the new year by writing a 2019 recap blog post before the year even ended! And then I realized I had one last 2019 goal to complete, and a little over a month to complete it: Finally watch the entire seriesContinue reading “10 Things I Have Learned in 10 Years”

Money, Minimalism, & Mental Health

It’s been a hot minute since I wrote something not travel-related so if you’re not here for it, keep scrolling. Some of you may recall that I was writing monthly recaps of my 2019 goals and that seems to have fallen by the wayside…somewhat on purpose! I decided to take a step back from rigorousContinue reading “Money, Minimalism, & Mental Health”