Weekend Adventure: Yellowstone National Park & Grand Teton National Park

September has been a crazy month, y’all. I am so excited to finally be sitting down and writing this blog post. This was our last big summer trip — and we have taken a few weekends off since then so I am feeling horribly deprived and antsy for some more weekend travel! In the meantime,Continue reading “Weekend Adventure: Yellowstone National Park & Grand Teton National Park”

Weekend Adventure: Great Basin National Park

During our summer travels, we’ve spent a lot of time driving south on I-15. At some point, we noticed several signs for Great Basin National Park and we were like, “Where is that? Is there another national park in Utah that we missed?!” Turns out it’s in Nevada, but it’s right on the Utah/Nevada borderContinue reading “Weekend Adventure: Great Basin National Park”

Weekend Adventure: Bryce Canyon National Park

We got to check off a huge bucket list item with this trip! We’ve officially been to every national park in Utah! I’ve been in a bit of a slump for the last two weeks and this trip was so, so good for my soul. One thing that’s been difficult for me during these weekendContinue reading “Weekend Adventure: Bryce Canyon National Park”

Weekend Adventure: Maple Grove Hot Springs

As much as I love cramming as much hiking as possible into a short weekend trip, this weekend was a breath of fresh air for me. At first it felt a little strange, but I quickly welcomed the much-needed rest and relaxation. A few months ago, I was looking around the internet for hot springsContinue reading “Weekend Adventure: Maple Grove Hot Springs”

Weekend Adventure: Mesa Verde National Park

Kevin and I were able to take Friday off last week so we could have an extended weekend adventure at Mesa Verde. We left Wednesday afternoon and returned Sunday. It’s a 6 hour drive (but does not feel like one) so it was nice to spend a few extra days there before having to driveContinue reading “Weekend Adventure: Mesa Verde National Park”

2019 Goals: June Recap & Mid-Year Check In

We’re halfway through 2019, which means it’s time to review our goals and high-five ourselves for all the great things we’ve accomplished, and then re-evaluate our goals (or write new ones) for the second half of the year. I’ve said this before but this is really the first year I’ve actually attempted to track myContinue reading “2019 Goals: June Recap & Mid-Year Check In”

Weekend Adventure: Goblin Valley

Well, it only took a few tries before we finally had (almost) our dream weekend adventure experience! We actually left at a reasonable hour on Friday and we scored a completely free campsite about five minutes away from Goblin Valley State Park! It was absolutely beautiful — exactly where I was picturing myself on allContinue reading “Weekend Adventure: Goblin Valley”