Advice From A Former Lifeguard & Swim Instructor

Every summer — usually by early June — I read an article with a sad, heavy heart about a kid dying in a drowning accident. And it’s never just one kid. We’ve all read the statistics. This post is not about statistics, or pointing fingers, or blame, or shame, or grief. I am not aContinue reading “Advice From A Former Lifeguard & Swim Instructor”

Weekend Adventure: Can You Guess How Many Times We’ll Go To Moab This Year?

We may need an intervention. We might be slightly obsessed with Moab. But where else are you going to go to test out your new truck than one of your favorite places ever?! I love planning. I’ve pretty much planned out my entire summer at this point. But, as we all know, things don’t alwaysContinue reading “Weekend Adventure: Can You Guess How Many Times We’ll Go To Moab This Year?”

How One Weekend Adventure Changed My Perspective On Traveling

I am an all-or-nothing person. Moderation is a challenge for me. I like to take things to the extreme. When I first discovered minimalism, I wanted to get rid of everything (including our tv — at which point my husband put his foot down). I used to alternate between eating extremely healthy and eating allContinue reading “How One Weekend Adventure Changed My Perspective On Traveling”

Weekend Adventure: Capitol Reef National Park

As I mentioned in a few earlier posts, we are going to make the most of our weekends this summer! We started planning a long road trip for sometime in 2021 and thought it would be impossible to do a lot of traveling until then since we both work full-time. But wait, we have allContinue reading “Weekend Adventure: Capitol Reef National Park”

The “Best Shape of My Life” Journey: Part 1

As many of you might recall, one of my goals for this year was to be in the best shape of my life by June. The goal wasn’t to get to that point and then stop. It wasn’t about getting my summer body ready, or working hard for six months so I could slack offContinue reading “The “Best Shape of My Life” Journey: Part 1″

Weekend Adventure: Moab/Canyonlands/Dead Horse Point State Park

We’ve been to Moab at least five times since we moved to Utah — and it’s still one of our favorite places! Every time we go, we discover something new to love. This time, it was Pasta Jay’s. We are kicking ourselves for not trying this restaurant on any of our previous trips. I wouldContinue reading “Weekend Adventure: Moab/Canyonlands/Dead Horse Point State Park”

How Gaining 30 Pounds Helped Me Become the Best Version of Myself

I have been so focused this year on re-integrating fitness into my life, tracking my eating habits, and losing weight, and I’ve also done a lot of reflecting on the journey that led me here. I feel like we are so quick to celebrate our weight loss success, while hiding or trying to forget thoseContinue reading “How Gaining 30 Pounds Helped Me Become the Best Version of Myself”